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Nov 09 - Nov 09, 2023

Digiday Gaming Advertising Forum


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Brand Marketing , eSports , Influencer Marketing , Gaming , Publishing
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Digiday Gaming Advertising Forum

Gaming is no longer a niche hobby for basement dwellers. It’s arguably the most popular form of entertainment worldwide, garnering millions of eyeballs on a daily basis.
But brand and marketers simply haven’t caught up with the potential of gaming advertising. Despite the explosion of in-game advertising and influencer marketing in recent years, many brands continue to lump gaming into experimental or innovation budgets rather than approaching it as a pillar of their digital advertising strategy. As the industry matures, investors and advertisers alike have started to get more creative in the ways they demonstrate the power of gaming to nonbelievers.

During the Digiday Gaming Advertising Forum, we will explore the moment of flux in which the gaming industry currently finds itself, discussing potential growth areas for gaming marketing and the things that publishers and platforms can do to make brands more confident advertising inside games. We will also discuss the impact of measurement on in-game advertising, as well as the status of esports as a form of gaming advertising inventory.

Join us for an engaging discussion on the past, present, and future of the gaming industry, and its relationship with advertisers seeking to tap into its vast potential.