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Oct 19 - Oct 19, 2023

From Choice to Checkout: Insights for Winning the Buyer Journey


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Brand Marketing , Privacy , Healthcare / Pharma , Social Media , CX - Customer Experience
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From Choice to Checkout: Insights for Winning the Buyer Journey

What resonates with today's consumers and buyers? From healthcare to dining preferences, attitudes around hot-button issues like privacy and social responsibility are shifting. Discover what the newest research reveals about your customers' wants and needs so your brand can meet their expectations. Sponsored by Vericast.

Your customers' evolving preferences determine where and how they spend their money. How can your brand effectively navigate those changing preferences to win hearts, minds, and wallet share?

With data! In this session, Matthew Tilley and Tiffany Huddleston Nwahiri reveal new consumer research around buyers' shifting priorities and what the data means for your business.

They'll also share strategies to drive effective and creative marketing approaches for 2024 so your brand remains relevant to your market's wants and needs.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • The real drivers behind buying choices (hint: it's not the Econ 101 answer of "money")
  • Preferred avenues for product discovery and ways to craft marketing messages that strike a chord with your market
  • The heightened expectations customers have of your brand—and how you can meet them
  • Essential approaches to engage and convert today's discerning purchasers