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Oct 19 - Oct 19, 2023

Taking Generative AI Beyond the Demos


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Social Media , AdTech/MarTech , AI/ML
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Taking Generative AI Beyond the Demos

As generative AI moves beyond eye-catching Twitter demos and small pilot projects, enterprises can often struggle with how to put this new technology into practice in a cost-effective and dependable way. Join Douwe Kiela, Co-founder and CEO of Contextual AI, a foundation model developer, and Luis Ceze, Co-founder and CEO of OctoML, a machine learning deployment platform, for a live audio chat with subscribers. The CEOs will talk to AI Agenda author Stephanie Palazzolo about methods to tweak models for a specific enterprise, including retrieval augmented generation and fine-tuning, and how to leverage large-language models without shelling out millions on AI chips.