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Apr 10 - Apr 11, 2024

Savant eCommerce Stockholm 2024


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Savant eCommerce
Savant eCommerce Stockholm 2024

Efficient and value-based strategies that engage customers and inspire loyalty

5th Annual Savant eCommerce Stockholm Conference

Commerce In Sweden has risen steadily since 2007, and today Swedish shoppers spend more money online than in any other European country. The potential is huge. But as production costs rise and consumers start to hunt out bargains, you need to be more efficient than ever and offer real value for money.

Savant eCommerce Stockholm is your best way to stay up-to-date with industry trends and learn how to navigate today’s big economic challenges. At the event, you’ll meet 140+ eComm, CX, Digital Marketing, Loyalty and CRM leads from Sweden’s top brands and retailers.
Attend and hear inspiring stories, join interactive discussions and make new connections that will help you:

  • Rework your eCommerce business model to thrive in an inflationary environment
  • Build ultra efficient and lean processes to mitigate rising production costs
  • Provide consumer-centric and sustainable delivery options
  • Build a D2C business that meets shoppers’ needs and builds trusted relationships
  • Personalise your messaging and customise your products to improve engagement
  • Increase sustainability across your entire value chain
  • Support consumers with innovative payment methods and attractive pricing strategies