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Oct 02 - Oct 03, 2023

StratFest 2023


New York, NY
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Awards , Brand Marketing , Insights Development , Multicultural
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StratFest 2023

Join us on October 2-3 live from NYC for the 2023 Jay Chiat Awards and StratFest, the only conference for strategists by strategists! Stay tuned for more details.

StratFest 2023 isn’t about the meticulous perfection that makes it into the final cut. It’s about the mess that got it there. The big swings, misunderstood ideas, and poorly received presentations that required perseverance because you knew it was the beginning of something exceptional—something that could define a brand, set the course of a career, or push the culture forward. StratFest 2023 is about strategic bravery.

Strategic bravery is where impactful work begins.  It’s the willingness to take risks and push boundaries in order to create something new, incomparable, and extraordinary. 

So join your fellow strategists, risk-takers, and game-changers this October at StratFest as we honor and explore the thinking that is so far outside the box it can create a change nobody else saw coming.