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Apr 08 - Apr 10, 2024

2024 ANA AI for Marketers Conference


Hollywood, FL
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Media Marketing , AI/ML
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2024 ANA AI for Marketers Conference

The next generation of Artificial Intelligence is here and it will have profound impacts on our business and change the way we work.

This innovation breakthrough is automating tasks and allowing marketers to focus more on areas that require our human judgment and imagination, like developing strategy, evaluating creative, and deriving valuable insights from data.

We have assembled some of the industry's best experts and together will explore the myriad of use case opportunities that marketers are pursuing in applying AI and will address the issues and risks around governance, ethics, and intellectual property protection. You’ll hear real examples from leading brands that demonstrate how they are successfully using this technology today to improve performance and drive efficiencies, and how some are putting guardrails in place to enable long-term success.

This event will provide you with practical education, inspiration, and expert networking opportunities to understand the evolving landscape today and in the coming year ahead to successfully integrate AI within your marketing efforts.