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Sep 27 - Sep 27, 2023

The Gift of Intelligent Mobile Marketing for Holiday 2023


The Gift of Intelligent Mobile Marketing for Holiday 2023

Although things like inflation and ongoing supply-chain issues are not expected to slow the holiday shopping season down, today’s shoppers are more willing than ever to try new brands and retailers – and thus shift their loyalty away from old favorites. At one of the most profitable times for retailers, it’s critical to cultivate effective strategies for driving purchases and maintaining customer loyalty.

In order to properly address these consumer behavioral shifts, we’re bringing you some mobile marketing ideas and tips – straight from the experts – to help you prepare for your most successful holiday season yet.

Join Vibes’ panel of stellar Customer Success experts who will share some of their favorite mobile marketing campaigns their customers have activated, and how they could translate to successful holiday campaigns you could execute this 2023 season.

We'll also talk about how consumer expectations of brands and the shopping experience are continuing to grow, and why it’s more critical now than ever before to incorporate SMS, MMS, and Mobile Wallet into your holiday marketing plans. In summary, this webinar will:

  • Showcase several successful marketing campaigns that Vibes customers have done in the past, why certain strategies worked, and how they can be applied to the holiday season
  • Discuss why it’s so critical to incorporate elements like Mobile Wallet, SMS and MMS into your holiday marketing roadmap
  • Share some tips & tricks for how to further boost campaign success rates
  • Demonstrate how a unified cross-channel strategy – one that goes beyond your mobile app or email – can broaden your brand’s reach and help you meet customers where they’re at