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Dec 04 - Dec 05, 2023

2023 Forbes Healthcare Summit


New York, NY
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Healthcare / Pharma
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2023 Forbes Healthcare Summit

Faster, Smarter, Better: HealthTech Enhancing the Patient Experience


Optimizing the connected digital healthcare experience

The rise of digital health solutions is transforming the way consumers receive and clinicians deliver the care that determines positive physical, mental, social and financial outcomes.


Data is key to putting the consumer at the center of a personalized care experience – from wearables and sensors that track health metrics in real-time to digital tools for remote telehealth. AI-powered algorithms will fully leverage data to shape precisely-targeted plans that increase access to care for all, improve outcomes and reduce the cost of delivery.


Building a better healthcare ecosystem to improve the consumer experience

Healthcare is personal and emotional. All elements of a digital ecosystem must work together with people at the center. This year’s Summit will bring together the world’s most influential leaders from inside and outside the traditional healthcare sector who are innovating and integrating the new tech tools—from platforms to products to processes—that are fueling the unified consumer health experience. Topics include: ChatGPT’s current and near-future capabilities; advanced technology to treat the whole person; recent breakthroughs in biopharma; and—critically—the role of human compassion and empathy in the system.


Join the world’s top leaders in the $4 trillion healthcare space—CEOs and founders, billionaires and scrappy startups, doctors and patients, tech titans and venture capitalists—on December 4 & 5 in NYC for the 12th annual Forbes Healthcare Summit. Through our signature and solution-oriented Power Pairings, panel discussions, conversations and spotlights we’ll celebrate the positive impacts of capitalism and the calculated risk-taking of the entrepreneurs driving innovation in healthcare.