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Nov 16 - Nov 16, 2023

2023 Forbes CIO Next Summit


New York, NY
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Technology , AdTech/MarTech
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2023 Forbes CIO Next Summit

A fascinating development is that many companies now refer to themselves as technology companies first and members of their industries second. If every company is a tech company, then the CIO should be as influential as any of the CEO’s reports. In a world where data is the new fuel, and generative AI is the new engine, how will CIOs oversee those engines, ensuring their appropriate use? And as cybersecurity issues abound, generative AI is sure to open vast new portals of risk. Going forward, CIOs won’t be just drivers of innovation—they will be the primary executives safeguarding the enterprise.


Join Forbes in NYC for a critical day where we will discuss the vast new opportunities—and risks—for technology leaders in this era of sudden acceleration.