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Oct 17 - Oct 17, 2023

FT Women in Business Summit Americas


FT Women in Business Summit Americas

Amid high inflation, weakened consumer demand and labour shortages, businesses remain pessimistic about America's growth prospects in 2023. With leaders in survival mode, how will they maintain their commitments to gender equality and D&I? How can investing in diverse leadership and tackling challenges in the executive pipeline help businesses perform better? Have the SEC’s corporate board diversity requirements helped to shift the balance in America’s boardrooms? Is bolder legislative action required to ensure similar success rates for smaller companies and across different states?


FT Women in Business Summit Americas is aimed at senior business executives across all sectors who are keen to engage, learn and share tactics on inclusive leadership, responsible business and the future of work. This one-day event will give attendees the opportunity to be part of an exclusive community of leaders, as well as provide actionable tips for transformation, innovation and positive change in their businesses. The programme will feature panel discussions, networking opportunities and inspiring keynotes to help you achieve leadership skills and strategies for future success.