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May 18 - May 18, 2022

Digital Office Conference


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Digital Office Conference

Digital Office: The success factor for intelligent work in the digital age! The digital office is more important than ever, as the daily requirements for our work have grown and require digital business and administrative processes that can be implemented agilely and from anywhere. Digitizing various processes can not only contribute to the efficiency, innovation and growth of a company, but also lay the foundation for new business models. The key to success is to make the right decisions for the "Digital Office". How can you increase the social and economic productivity of a company? How can automated and digital processes sustainably strengthen the performance potential, resilience and competitiveness of organizations? At the Digital Office Conference, you have the opportunity to help shape the intelligent working world of tomorrow. Cloud instead of filing cabinet, online meeting instead of business trip, orders and invoice dispatch via customer portals instead of by letter and fax! Discuss together with numerous digital office experts how the interaction between human know-how and innovative technologies makes our business processes simpler, faster and more transparent.