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Oct 31 - Oct 31, 2023

IAA Global Conference 2023


New York, NY
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Creative , Digital
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IAA Global Conference 2023

The “Creativity4Better” Global Annual Conference started in 2017, and this year we organize our 7th edition.

Our plans for 2023 are to discuss the impact of creativity in society. We open the conference to the marketing and communication experts throughout the world, but also to all creative industries.

Our plans are to make this conference a beacon of creativity, a truly memorable experience. We are inviting top communication experts, creative strategic brilliant minds, as well as sustainability experts and innovation mavericks, fashion designers, digital artists and so many more amazing personalities. With our Conference we aim to point out that creativity has a strong impact in the world, both in business but also in changing the world for the better.

Over the years, our communication reached the hearts and minds of millions of people worldwide, we inspired 8000+ professionals and we had the honor to welcome the world's leading practitioners in creativity.