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Oct 19 - Oct 19, 2023

Data Driven Insights 2023


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Insights Development , Analytics / Data , AI/ML
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Data Driven Insights 2023

Powering Informed Decisions At Speed & Scale

MRS presents a day of case studies and discussion examining how to scale, accelerate and enrich insight using AI, big data & analytics. Examine methodologies and outcomes from insight teams that are fusing datasets, extrapolating insight using predictive techniques and experimenting with large language models (LLMs) and other AI techniques across research projects.

Book your place and discover how to:

  • Utilise Chat GPT and other large language models to enhance qual and quant market research
  • Scale insights using predictive analytics and advanced data tools
  • Blend customer and market data for high-quality, nuanced insights
  • Apply big data analysis to illuminate sensitive issues that are difficult to research using traditional methods
  • Optimise the use of AI across research projects
  • Bring insights and analytics closer together in your organisation