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Sep 13, 2023

NYX Video Awards

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NYX Video Awards

NYX Video Awards

The NYX Video Awards is a premier international competition that recognizes and celebrates the most innovative and creative works in digital video design, planning, direction, and production.

Whether you're a video production company, advertising or public relations firm, cable or broadcast television operation, independent producer, designer, developer, content producer, digital artist, video professional, creative director, or internal creative and marketing team, the NYX Awards program is open to you!

The award seeks exceptional entries from local, regional, and subscription television, as well as digital videos in the form of web series, AR, VR, and other non-broadcast videos, while honoring professionals at the forefront of the industry, those who integrate the future of video technology within their creations, culminating new facets of digital videos, and beyond.

Winning in the NYX Video Awards will elevate your organization's profile and demonstrate your excellence in the industry. Join NYX in celebrating the best of the best in digital video design, planning, direction, and production, and take your place among the most innovative and creative minds in the industry.