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Aug 09 - Aug 09, 2023

The State of TV Measurement 2023: Currency Evolution


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The State of TV Measurement 2023: Currency Evolution

Currency Evolution: The Shift to a Multi-Currency Landscape and the Opportunities for Marketers

In this conversation, we turn our attention to video currency and the dramatic changes and new opportunities in this growing marketplace. Leaders from across our industry will share their perspectives on how the shift to a multi-currency landscape will impact how marketers plan, buy, and measure their video ad campaigns. We’ll discuss the challenges for both buyers and sellers in this evolving marketplace, as well as how innovation and choice is enabling brand growth.

What you'll learn:

  • How the evolution and expansion of currency options is impacting the video marketplace and what it means for how marketers transact and buy their cross-video campaigns.
  • What we learned/are learning from the ‘22/23 upfront negotiations.
  • Predictions on what the multi-currency marketplace of the future might look like.