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Feb 26 - Mar 01, 2024

INMA Media Subscriptions Summit


New York, NY
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Publishing , Media Marketing , AI/ML
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INMA Media Subscriptions Summit

Navigating the future of premium journalism and news subscriptions in the age of AI disruption

The world’s largest event on digital subscriptions for a new era of news media

Welcome to the seventh annual INMA Media Subscription Summit Week, a groundbreaking, immersive conference and study tour designed to navigate the future of news publishing. This Summit addresses the strategic challenges faced by publishers in the era of AI disruption, accelerating digital transformation, and deep political and societal changes.

This original programme, curated by INMA’s Readers First Initiative Lead Greg Piechota, delves into strategies for protecting and elevating the value of premium journalism and its missions. We’ll discuss the role of brands amid the rise of generative AI and proven strategies to grow direct relationships with consumers to avoid disruptions.

A key focus of the Summit will be leveraging data and AI for audience engagement – forming habits and keeping audiences informed without overload. We’ll explore the science behind bundling – one of the key new trends in news marketing – and other pricing innovations.

All this is compressed into a two-day optional study tour (February 26-27), two-day leaders’ summit (February 28-29), and a day of practical workshops (March 1).

We’ve designed this Summit for cross-disciplinary teams — newsrooms, marketing, product, and data — from national and regional media around the world. We gather leaders, but welcome curious beginners, too. We strive for diversity of perspectives and backgrounds, as well as authenticity.