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Aug 04, 2023

Adweek AI Awards

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Adweek AI Awards

The thundering evolution of generative artificial intelligence, dubbed the single most important consumer trend for marketers to watch*, heralds a new era in how humans interact with technology, no doubt bringing with it a raft of extraordinary and disruptive consequences.

Against this backdrop, Adweek announces its first annual AI Awards, where we honor the pioneers of the media and marketing industry who are revolutionizing creativity and workflow with the power of generative AI.

Join us as we celebrate the incredible innovations that are shaping our future, unlocking new levels of imagination and efficiency. With the remarkable capabilities of AI, we invite you to discover a world where creativity knows no bounds, inspiring us all to reach new heights and unleash our full potential. Celebrating the powerful potential of AI, embark with us on an extraordinary journey towards a more imaginative and vibrant future.