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May 16 - May 16, 2023

BrXnd Conference


New York, NY
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Brand Marketing , AI/ML
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BrXnd Conference

This inaugural BrXnd Conference is a day to explore the role of AI in marketing. Learn about the strategic/creative potential of AI for brands—with a special focus on the amazing things that are possible today. is an organization that exists at the intersection between brands and AI. Our mission is to help the world of marketing and AI connect and collaborate. This event will feature world-class marketers and game-changing technologists discussing what's possible today.

The day will include presentations from CMOs from leading brands talking about the effects of AI on their business, demos of the world’s best marketing AI, and conversations about the legal, ethical, and practical challenges the industry faces as it adopts this exciting new technology.

Attendees will return to work the next day with real ideas on how to immediately bring AI into their marketing, brand, strategy, and data work. We hope you will join us!