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How to Engage Gen Z With Owned Digital Channels

Marketers are desperate to get in front of Gen Z. Understanding the needs, values, and habits of this generation can help make your campaigns—across any vertical—grab their attention.

For instance, nearly 80% of Gen Zers interact with sports content daily or multiple times a day on social media, while engagement with email (43.5%) and text (40.6%) is less frequent. That’s just one of the learnings Adobe and Knit uncovered about the sought-after demographic in their latest research.

Join us for a live Tech-Talk Webinar, presented by Adobe. Our guests will share why apps, social media, and other owned digital channels are essential for retention and transitioning Gen Zers from casual to avid lifetime fans.

You’ll walk away with key findings from the study, including:

  • Effective channels and cadences for different types of fan news and content sharing
  • What personalization really means to Gen Z, and how to get real-time moments right
  • Winning strategies to keep Gen Z opted in and engaged with your content and special offers