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May 03 - May 03, 2023

Inclusion by Design in Pharma Research and Marketing


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Digital , Healthcare / Pharma
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Inclusion by Design in Pharma Research and Marketing

While the health care industry has increasingly emphasized inclusivity (as explored in the Pharma Council’s latest podcast episode, Inclusive Futures of Humancare), less attention has been devoted to inclusivity in marketing of and consumer research on pharma products.

On May 3, the ARF Pharma Council will explore how pharma and health care companies can ensure their market research and advertising represent the full range of their consumers, both in terms of demographics and accessibility. Panelists will share examples of campaigns to demonstrate the effectiveness of ads rooted in inclusive design.

Questions for discussion include:

  • What are the challenges in designing research on or interviewing difficult-to-reach populations?
  • How can we design better qualitative and quantitative research for pharma products to ensure populations are represented appropriately?
  • How does representation in these studies affect the creative for ads?
  • How well do pharma ads represent and resonate with the communities in their respective markets?
  • How can pharma and health care advertisers guard against making mistakes that could potentially alienate people in traditionally under-represented communities?