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Apr 26 - Apr 26, 2023

Courageous Career Moments: Overcome fears and bet on yourself


New York, NY
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Women in Marketing , Identity
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Courageous Career Moments: Overcome fears and bet on yourself

Being courageous is part of being human. Courage gives you the ability to do something difficult even when there’s risk. Courage enables you to rise above the fear of rejection and engage your stakeholders. Courageous people trust their gut despite opposition.

Having courage in the workplace requires confidence and tenacity – no easy feats – that often take time to build. How do you enable courage to trump comfort at work? When do you know to trust your gut? What does it take to stand up for what you believe in despite opposition?

Join us for a special Women in Analytics breakfast during ARF’s flagship event, AUDIENCExSCIENCE, on April 26. Be inspired by female leaders who will share their moments of bravery and how they have faced their fears, tamed their self-doubts and achieved an array of triumphs. Take this opportunity to meet the speakers and fellow attendees.

Be bold, be brave and shape your career.