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May 12, 2023

Catalyst Award

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Catalyst Award

Honoring Organizations Committed to Inclusion

The Catalyst Award is the premier recognition of organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that drive representation and inclusion for women.

The global Catalyst Award attracts organizations from around the world. Every year, Catalyst identifies and receives applications from companies of all sizes, regions, and industries whose groundbreaking initiatives to advance women and other underrepresented groups make them eligible for the Award.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a strategic imperative for organizational success. That is a proven fact. How you get there… that’s the real story. By applying for the Catalyst Award, your company or firm will:

  • Benefit from an external perspective on your organization’s culture and DEI efforts.
  • Showcase your internal and external strategies, talent, and progress.
  • Learn how to continuously improve your efforts.
  • Show your commitment to being an employer of choice.

Catalyst conducts intensive on-site evaluations of candidates to establish the winners. Winning initiatives must show proven, measurable results that benefit women across a range of dimensions, among them race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, generation, nationality, disability, and Indigenous peoples.