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Oct 19 - Oct 19, 2023

IAB Tech Lab REARC: Build for Privacy Series (San Francisco)


San Francisco, CA
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IAB Tech Lab
IAB Tech Lab REARC: Build for Privacy Series (San Francisco)

It is time to build! Combined with Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), the private internet is here. The ‘BUILD’ event series will bring together privacy technology and policy experts from publishers, advertising technology providers, and government regulators to discuss the development and application of new privacy-enhancing technologies, addressability solutions, and how to achieve compliance with government regulations based on Tech Lab’s compliance and audit frameworks. We will specifically discuss: Privacy technology for regulatory compliance such as the Global Privacy Platform, Accountability Platform, Transparency and Consent Framework, and the Post-Transaction Consumer Rights Framework Cookie-less Addressability Solutions like Seller Defined Audience (SDA), ID solutions and interoperability standards across ID resolution platforms Data Clean Room technical standards and applications Privacy Enhancing Technologies as the foundation for a sustainable and inherently private internet will dive into consumer privacy and data security use cases using core PETs applications such as differential privacy, multi-party and private computing, on device technologies like Privacy Sandbox. The discussions will focus on PETs’ utility for critical advertising use cases, including attribution, targeting, measurement, and frequency capping. The Tech Lab Future of Privacy events are an opportunity to dive deep into the technologies and solutions being developed for addressability, privacy and data security and to understand their application, benefits and limitations. They will also provide a window into the future with insights and demonstrations of the application of PETs to the most pressing use cases and how to understand the privacy-enhancing changes being deployed by the big technology platforms. These events combine the content of several of our past events into one comprehensive privacy-centric day and include local content. This event series is in-person only.