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Jun 07 - Jun 07, 2023

IAB Tech Lab Summit: Impact


New York, New York
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CTV , Digital , TV / Streaming
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IAB Tech Lab
IAB Tech Lab Summit: Impact

IAB Tech Lab Summit is THE industry event designed for technology, product, and operations experts across the digital advertising industry. Join us as we dive into critical technical foundations, open standards, and technology solutions and demonstrate their intersection and impact on the commercial needs of the digital ad economy. Participate in honest and hard-hitting debates and discussions about the industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities to drive growth from the most important angle – technology. IAB Tech Lab Summit: Impact will focus on what’s working and what’s not in the following key areas: Consumer Privacy & Technical Compliance with Regulations Get the latest insight into the new world of privacy in which the digital ad economy is now operating. Learn about real-world use cases where Tech Lab frameworks support regulatory compliance using The Global Privacy Platform (GPP), Accountability Platform (AP), and an updated Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF). Get the facts on Data Clean Rooms (DCR), learn more about how a DCR is defined and protects consumer privacy while maintaining identity. Discuss practical use cases of DCRs and how to employ them in your data strategy as an advertiser or a publisher. Learn how DCRs can enhance your use of first party data for attribution, targeting and investment. Master your understanding of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) and how they balance privacy and addressability through advanced uses of on-device computing, encryption and artificial intelligence and their practical applications to digital advertising. PETs​ – Differential privacy, On device compute Consent Frameworks (GPP)​ Audit Frameworks (AP)​ Data Clean Rooms Privacy Tech Stack – what is available today New Technical Standards in CTV & Advanced TV Be part of the future of how TV is bought, sold and measured and reconciled across all television environments. Discover the possibilities of true TV environment interoperability across Cable, Satellite, Broadcast, Connected TV, Addressable Linear, and Digital Video. Dive into the latest programmatic standards centered around CTV. Learn how enhancements to the RTB protocol, such as pod bidding, will enhance the way CTV is programmatically traded. Fraud always follows the biggest budgets and richest unit economics and CTV is not immune to this threat. Learn how new technical standards such as Authenticated Connections is stopping CTV ad fraud dead in its tracks. We are on the cusp of true cross media measurement. Get the latest update on critical technical standards and global initiatives supporting cross media measurement. Modernizing digital video standards for CTV Pod bidding Video placement types Universal Watermark​ based on ATSC A/335 for on the glass impression counts Anti-fraud​; ads.cert Authenticated Connections, Authenticated Delivery Cross-media​ measurement Tentative: POC report (what TVs can see right now in the market and next steps for taking advantage of this technology) Supply Chain Security & Brand Safety Fight fraud and prevent hidden arbitrage and fees as we debate and discover the evolution of programmatic technology for OpenRTB. This includes authorization mechanisms like ads.txt/app-ads.txt, and authentication mechanisms for device and ecosystem partners with ads.cert. Security: Fraud, brand safety​ Transparency​ Green Initiative & Sustainability Standards in the Digital Ad Supply Chain Carbon regulations are coming to the digital ad economy with real penalties. Will you be ready? Dive into Tech Lab’s technical evaluation of the ecosystem and discuss solutions for zero-carbon initiatives across the industry. We’ll examine technical and operational best practices to help advertisers, publishers, and ad tech prioritize the most impactful solutions.