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WARC Award for Effectiveness

The WARC Awards for Effectiveness are back – and they’re bigger and better than ever.

We have expanded from six categories to 11, with the addition of five categories from the old WARC Media Awards. The result is a comprehensive effectiveness competition covering a wide range of techniques and ideas.

New categories for 2023: Path-to-Purchase, Channel Integration, Channel Pioneer, Partnerships & Sponsorships and Use of Data

What makes the Awards unique is not just their breadth but the rigor that underpins them. These are the first awards to be built around the benchmarks of the WARC/LIONS Creative Effectiveness Ladder and B2B Effectiveness Ladder, creating a new global standard against which to judge marketing activity.

The Awards are global and open to all, the process to enter is straightforward, and entry remains completely free, too. They will be delivered in association with LIONS, using their world-class expertise in award management and judging.

Each category will be judged by a high-calibre panel, including senior marketers from some of the world’s biggest brands and top agency professionals and specialists from around the globe. The juries will award Grand Prix, Gold, Silver and Bronze accolades and the winners will be announced at Cannes Lions 2023.