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Mar 21 - Mar 21, 2023

Grow Your Funnel in a Post-Cookie Landscape


Grow Your Funnel in a Post-Cookie Landscape

Grow Your Funnel in a Post-Cookie Landscape: Boost Conversions and Loyalty With First-Party Data

The post-cookie world presents new challenges for marketers that need to drive acquisition and boost engagement. Customers today want brands to speak to them as real human beings, offering personalized interactions across different touch points. Precision is key—so it’s crucial to ensure that your data supports nuanced customer experiences. 

Get practical advice on how to grow your funnel more effectively in the post-cookie era from experts at VMLY&R, Phase2, Whereoware and Acquia. You’ll find out:  

  • Marketing strategies to build a strong funnel without relying on third-party data

  • Why first-party data converts new customers at a much higher rate

  • Best practices for customer acquisition and engagement in the post-cookie world