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May 05 - May 05, 2022

Brand Building with Customer Insights


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Brand Marketing
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Brand Building with Customer Insights

The primary goal of this virtual workshop is to help participants understand their customers better in order to improve their brand’s relevancy. It breaks down the key components of brand building in a way that will engage, build knowledge, and reveal practical insights and initiatives that can be used to build a brand and the bottom line. The secondary goal is to reinforce that to remain relevant, your brand needs a steady influx of customer insight and analysis, especially in a radically evolving operating environment. Without these your brand equity may erode, falling victim to misaligned and ineffective marketing, poor marketing ROI, internal obstacles and misunderstandings. This workshop is an excerpt of the ANA full day workshop “Art and Science of Brand Building: Driving Business Overnight and Your Brand over Time” Target Audience This workshop is designed for multiple experience levels and for people in both marketing and non-marketing functions. Those unfamiliar with marketing will find this a great introduction to key essentials, while those with more experience will expand their knowledge with the insights gained via case histories, break outs, and engagement tools.