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May 17, 2023

The Leonard L. Berry Marketing Book Award

The Leonard L. Berry Marketing Book Award

This award recognizes books that have had a significant impact in marketing and related sub-fields.


Exceptional marketing books that have set the standard for excellence and that have been published within the previous three years are eligible for consideration. The book eligible for the award given in 2022 will have been published during 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Marketing books published overseas are eligible if the book was published in English and was available for distribution in the United States. Anthologies, textbooks, and manuals are not eligible to receive the award.

Selection Criteria

  • The book should be an exceptional marketing book that has set the standard for excellence, offering a fresh perspective on a fundamental issue in marketing such as:
    • How do customers and consumers really behave?
    • How do markets function and evolve?
    • How do firms relate to their markets?
    • What are the contributions of marketing to organizational performance and societal welfare?
  • The book should offer practical guidance for marketing managers and has the potential to shape thinking and change marketing practice.
  • The following questions will be used to review the semifinalist/finalists books
    • The topic is important to at least one audience.
    • The question is well stated, clear and unbiased, and it does justice to the complexity of the issue. 
    • The author cites relevant evidence, experiences, and/or information essential to the issue. 
    • The writer shows a sensitivity to what he or she is assuming or taking for granted. 
    • The writer develops a definite line of reasoning, explaining well how he or she is arriving at conclusions.
    • The writer show sensitivity to alternative points of view or lines of reasoning and considers/responds to objections framed from other points of view. 
    • The writer shows sensitivity to the implications and consequences of the position he or she has taken.