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Mar 15 - Mar 15, 2023

Chief Marketing Officer Summit


New York, NY
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Workflow , Media Marketing
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CMO Alliance
Chief Marketing Officer Summit

What is the Chief Marketing Officer Summit?
An assembly of some of the most forward-thinking marketers in and around New York, sharing their tried, tested, and proven strategies - with you.
With Head, Director, and C-level marketers from Strave, Lime, TikTok, Grubhub, and more on the line-up, we’ll be addressing all the hot-button topics head-on, like:
→ How to build your brand’s trust in a climate of increasing consumer concerns around privacy
→ Maximizing marketing-led growth when faced with budget cuts
→ Why partnerships are the new key to customer loyalty, brand awareness, and competitive advantage
→ The science behind serving consumers’ unmet needs …and more. Network. Build relationships. Get ahead of your competitors.
Walk away as part of the CMO Alliance community, an exclusive space for CMOs to network, share experiences and insights, and seek advice directly from other CMOs.