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Mar 02, 2023

Non-Profit Organisation Awards

Non-Profit Organisation Awards

Acquisition International is once again proud to host the exclusive Non-Profit Organisation Awards for its third consecutive installment!

The Non-Profit Organisation Awards aims to reward the commitment, innovation, and determination of the best NPOs from across the world!

Amongst the current financial climate, NPOs are being pressured to make a shift and adapt to what they want to achieve in their campaigns. Industry analysts foresee the need to think more creatively about their programs, events, fundraising, and operations being more important within the next 12 months.

The need to forge and maintain specialised relationships with existing and potential donors is also seeing an increase, with the non-profit organisations that cultivate enhanced relationships being the ones to benefit in the future.

The Acquisition International Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2023 will therefore seek to reward the most innovative, creative and compassionate NPOs, and provide a platform for NPOs to demonstrate that they are a true leader within the non-profit sphere.

Notifying relevant stakeholders of participation within the Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2023 can indicate that an organisation is attracting attention from external bodies, and that they are making a meaningful difference.

The Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2023 is completely free to enter and, for those lucky enough to be successful, they will receive the chance to share the news with Acquisition International’s global circulation of 85,000 and receive promotion on our official website for a minimum of 12 months!

In addition, our awardees are welcome to choose from our range of competitively priced promotional opportunities to increase exposure of the good news! These consist of several celebratory items, as well as editorial opportunities to be featured within the 2023 celebratory magazine.

Should you wish to take part in the Non-Profit Organisation Awards 2023 or know of an NPO deserving of a place on the shortlist this year, simply fill in our voting form to submit a nomination today!

For further details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our awards team at!