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Jan 23, 2023

Caribbean Advertising Federation(CAF)

Caribbean Advertising Federation(CAF)

Entry Deadline JANUARY 23, 2023*

Founded in 1997, the Caribbean Advertising Federation(CAF) is an essential part of the advertising community in the Caribbean showcasing the talent of its members in the Caribbean nations. CAF encourages growth in the Caribbean advertising industry and promotes a greater understanding of the role and benefits that advertising provides to the private and government sectors. 

The National AAF organization will be conducting judging remotely, as will our local chapter. Please do not plan to submit physical entries to this year's competition.  If you are submitting an inherently physical entry (e.g. a sales kit, a mailing or a display), in addition to submitting a full PDF of the entire piece, consider taking photographs or a video that showcase the production quality and construction of your entry.