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Unpacking New Digital Data Laws Across Europe: Addressing the Digital Services Act

Join Sidley Austin and OneTrust DataGuidance for the second webinar in this series on the new EU digital legislation. This discussion will centre on the Digital Services Act (DSA) – as recently adopted and entered into effect. The DSA will create new rules and responsibilities for digital service providers with the aim of improving the protection of users online, establishing a clear accountability framework, and fostering innovation, growth, and competitiveness within the EU digital market. Failure to comply with the DSA could lead to fines up to 6% of annual worldwide turnover.

The DSA will become fully applicable as of February 17, 2024 but will be enforced against Very Large Online Platforms as of September 1, 2023. 

Key topics for the panel will include:

  • What companies fall within the DSA’s scope
  • Key things companies need to know about the DSA and its obligations
  • Challenges with implementing DSA requirements
  • Practical next steps for companies to take to deal with DSA requirements