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Feb 14 - Feb 14, 2023

Privacy Law Essentials for Digital Advertising Professionals


Privacy Law Essentials for Digital Advertising Professionals

It is important that organizations fully understand the legal and business implications of 5 new and forthcoming U.S. state privacy laws (in California, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut and Utah), as well as significant legal developments occurring in the EU pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation.  With so much attention focused on privacy as it relates to the digital advertising industry, those in business strategy, operations, product, and engineering roles, as well as younger lawyers, need to understand core privacy concepts.  This course fulfills that necessity by explaining how these privacy laws, with a focus on U.S. state privacy laws, apply to the various players of the digital advertising ecosystem.

This course will be hosted virtually via Zoom. Please add the event to your calendar after registration to receive your unique Zoom link.