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Jan 26 - Jan 26, 2023

Using Agile Research to Treat Decision Paralysis


Using Agile Research to Treat Decision Paralysis

40% of people experience stress when making decisions — and that anxiety often leads to a professional phenomenon we call “Decision Paralysis.”

Showing up at the most inconvenient times, Decision Paralysis causes capable employees to become stagnant when making everyday choices and organization-altering decisions. In consequence, entire teams can end up wasting time and companies miss out on significant revenue. 

So, how can insights pros thwart this challenging, debilitating, and down-right frustrating reaction to high-pressure expectations?

Join GreenBook, and Schlesinger Group for an in-depth exploration of the true cost of indecision for corporations, and to uncover how agile research processes can remedy Decision Paralysis, save money, and open the door to more efficient decision-making.

What We’ll Explore:

  • How agile research has helped to resolve decision paralysis at real companies
  • What decision paralysis costs your organization each year
  • How to achieve easy access to relevant data and improve the decision-making process across your business