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Dec 14 - Dec 14, 2023

Time Management + Productivity Skills for Remote Professionals


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Time Management + Productivity Skills for Remote Professionals

As marketing teams around the globe have transitioned to working remotely, whether it’s “for now or forever”, this transformation has created new challenges for both individuals and managers when it comes to effective time management and productivity practices.

The virtual world demands different skills than the face-to-face world, and organizations that educate their teams on the skills needed to thrive in a virtual work environment will create a competitive advantage and enable their workers to produce at their highest capacity.

Being successful in the “work from home” world is more than just finding space to set up a laptop and an available power outlet. Most employees have not been trained on or had extensive experience with effective virtual communication, remote scheduling and time management, or distributed team collaboration skills. Add to this the fact that, as humans, we are highly dependent on visual and audio cues and without them our minds don’t always effectively process the information we’re provided.

To help modern marketers thrive in a virtual work environment, this engaging and highly interactive 2-hour virtual workshop shares some essential skills, tools, and frameworks necessary to succeed in a remote or virtual work environment.

This 2-hour BURST workshop is an excerpt of the half-day virtual workshop “Enhanced Time Management & Productivity Skills for Remote Teams”. The BURST is focused on individual regulation tools whereas the HD includes a team-cohesion focus.

Target Audience
This BURST workshop is for marketing professionals and related roles that want to improve their personal productivity and time management skills in a remote or work-from-home environment.

Appropriate for all Marketing levels.