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Dec 12 - Dec 12, 2023

Presentation Writing to Convey, Compel, and Convince


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Agency , Content Marketing , Workflow
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Presentation Writing to Convey, Compel, and Convince

Presentations are an essential feature of business today, even when working remote. Whether presenting via remote or at your company or to clients or other stakeholders you will need to present your ideas in a clear, logical way to move them – and the business - forward. You will be more confident and cut-through with the 3 C’s presentation writing skills approach that allows you to Convey your information, Compel your points, and Convince your audience of your ideas.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn a structured approach to writing winning presentations. This approach will help you focus on what you want to communicate so the audience is engaged all the way until they are convinced of what you’re telling them.

Target Audience 
This workshop is for anyone, from junior to senior executives, that needs to learn or refine their approach to developing presentations to convince their audience of what they are telling them.