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Nov 28 - Nov 28, 2023

Powerful Email Marketing


Powerful Email Marketing

In today’s world, effective email communication with your brands target market is made complicated by the endless ways to communicate. While often deprioritized, email marketing ought to be an important inbound tool for having conversations and effectively engaging with your target markets. Email marketing should be rooted in every part of an inbound strategy, and a great strategy will deliver a significant return on investment. Learn why email marketing is an important part of inbound and how to build an effective email marketing strategy for growth.

To provide value to your contacts, you need to understand their needs. We will discuss and learn how to create a contact management and segmentation strategy that's designed to help send valuable content in emails and create conversations that target markets will want to engage with.

When sending an effective email, you have a better chance of converting your leads into customers while providing true value to your audience. This will develop relationships, build trust, and continually delight your readers. We will discuss the key components of how to send the right email to the right person at the time and provide the most value to your contacts.

This workshop will detail email marketing best practices to ensure organizations understand how to setup and execute an email marketing campaigns that will deliver significant results in the short and long-term.

Target Audience
This virtual workshop is open for marketers at any level within an organization that develops and/or executes email marketing campaigns.