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Nov 14 - Nov 14, 2023

Essentials of Highly Effective Agency Management


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Essentials of Highly Effective Agency Management

Many marketers wonder why they do not have the best agency personnel assigned to their business and/or why the agencies creative work is not meeting expectations. ANA studies have found that a cause of these undesirable results is a suboptimal client - agency relationship. This virtual workshop will provide you and your team with the frameworks, best practices and tools you need to inspire your agency to develop great work. It will also teach you the principles of working with your agency partners in order to ensure your processes are streamlined and cost effective.

Led by a seasoned consultant with over 35 years of client, agency, and agency review experience, this workshop will guide you through the most important agency relationship subject areas. These include how to motivate agency teams, what makes a great brief and the fundamentals of client/agency communications.

Most importantly, this workshop is highly interactive and full of virtual exercises and opportunities to share. The skills you hone in this workshop will position you to play a key role in the day-to-day management of your agency partners with ideas and insights you can put to work immediately.

This virtual workshop is an excerpt of ANA in-person full day workshop “End to End Highly Effective Agency Management.”

Target Audience
This virtual workshop has been designed specifically for Marketing Directors, all levels of Brand Managers, Social Media Directors/Managers, and Marketing Services Directors/Managers.

Procurement Directors/Managers who work with marketing agencies will also find this workshop extremely insightful and actionable.