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Oct 26 - Oct 26, 2023

Converting Shoppers into Buyers 101


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Brand Marketing , Email , Retail , CX - Customer Experience
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Converting Shoppers into Buyers 101

This is the first workshop in the ANA’s Effective Shopper Marketing Program, a two-part series. To achieve mastery in this topic we encourage you to register for both workshops in the series, however you may register for any workshop that best fits your needs.

Shopper Marketing is more than just tactical approaches to boosting sales through the use of coupons and the like. It is a powerful marketing communication discipline that drives shopper behaviors for a desired outcome.

In fact, when properly executed, Shopper Marketing is THE discipline that formally allows sales impact activities (even short term) to be aligned with brand strategies for long term brand building purpose.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Why Shopper Marketing should be an integral part of the marketing communications and brand strategy planning process, even at the very beginning stages
  • How to practically align your Shopper Marketing initiatives with your Brand Marketing and Communications objectives, targets, and strategies
  • How to use a proven 9-step process for developing effective Shopper Marketing strategies and campaigns

This engaging, interactive, practice-driven virtual workshop will be facilitated by Shopper Marketing professionals and educators. In addition, as co-authors on a book on this subject, they have surveyed the Shopper Marketing industry to develop a clear step by step planning process to align Shopper Marketing with Marketing and develop effective Shopper Marketing campaigns.

Virtual Target Audience
Any marketing professionals that are interested in learning how to optimize the conversion of consumers into buyers, drive positive ROI, and grow brand/shopper loyalty.