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Sep 19 - Sep 19, 2023

Mastering Your Mission Statement


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Agency , Brand Marketing , Identity
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Mastering Your Mission Statement

A mission statement needs to be exciting and memorable to get investment and buy-in from the team. But most businesses have a mission statement that isn’t working. Instead of inspiring action, it’s being ignored.

When a company’s mission statement and guiding principles are simple and memorable, they are more likely to be acted on and the mission is more likely to be achieved. Unfortunately, too many organizations fill their mission statements with so much jargon and inside language that any impact is lost and the mission forgotten by your teams, resulting in misaligned or lackluster messaging and performance.

This virtual interactive workshop provides teams and team leaders with an easy-to-understand framework to create or improve their Mission Statement, Key Characteristics, and Critical Actions – with the end goal of increasing team alignment and engagement, and inspiring productivity. Participants will learn to hone their mission statement for impact through teaching, brainstorming, and creation. They will leave with an effective mission statement and implementation plan that they can bring back to their organizations and implement immediately.

Target Audience
This workshop is ideal for marketing leaders, managers, executives, and leadership teams.