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Aug 29 - Aug 29, 2023

Leveraging Social Media for Brand Building


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Brand Marketing , Social Media
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Leveraging Social Media for Brand Building

The proliferation of social media platforms and empowered consumers makes reaching your target audience challenging. Even the biggest brands struggle with how to use social media to be relevant and authentic. It's no longer a question of whether social media plays a role in marketing, it's about what role the modern marketer needs to play in developing the best social media strategy to drive marketing results, customer engagement and overall business success.

This virtual workshop provides strategic best practices that can be used across social marketing platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This highly engaging and interactive workshop will help participants better understand how to use social media to improve target consumer engagement, enhance brand perception & affinity, and accelerate the “buyer’s journey”. Participants will learn the essential components of a social media strategy and strategic content development plan. The workshop will help both marketing professionals and teams assess the evolving role of social media in the marketing mix and customer journey to brand loyalty.

Participants will leave with actionable concepts and tools they can immediately apply to real world situations, including aligning social media strategy with the company’s customer experience and marketing plan goals. The workshop provides practical frameworks and models to understand and optimize social media strategy to enhance overall customer experience and build brand equity.

Target Audience
This 2-hour BURST workshop is for marketing executives and/or in-house agency professionals that want to be well versed in how to use social media strategically, as part of the modern marketing mix. It is also for those that want to gain a current understanding of the social media opportunity for their brands, including marketers involved in brand management, digital marketing, marketing communications, product/service innovation and any marketing organization.

It is appropriate for all Marketing levels. Priority should be placed on marketers charged with leading Online Marketing, Social Media and Digital Strategy, digital measurement and management, or those who play a critical role in social media execution & planning.