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Aug 15 - Aug 15, 2023

Strategies to Elevate Your Content Marketing Above Competitors (301)


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Strategies to Elevate Your Content Marketing Above Competitors (301)

This workshop is the third workshop in the “Content Marketing Mastery Program,” a four-part virtual workshop series designed to give you a broad exposure to all facets and levels of Content Marketing. To achieve mastery in this topic we encourage you to register for all four workshops in the series, however you may register for any workshop that best fits your needs.

If you want to achieve mastery and attend the four-part series (CMS Mastery Program 101, 201, 301, and 401), you will receive a Certificate of Completion to display your expertise and accomplishment. Qualified participants must be present for the entire time for each workshop, attend all four workshops in sequential order (there are no substitutions of past or future workshops), and complete the survey program for each workshop.

This workshop is the third part of the ANA’s Content Marketing Mastery Program, a four-part series designed to give you broad exposure to all facets and levels of Content Marketing.

You’ve built a strong foundation for your content marketing program – with a written mission, strategy, message, buyer persona research, competitive content audit and metrics. What’s next?

Learn three ways to optimize your content marketing. In this hands-on workshop, you learn how to measure and improve your content, build a content base, and create highly differentiated content that competitors can’t copy. Optimize your content marketing as you learn how to:

  • Measure and optimize existing content. How can you get more performance from existing content? Squeeze the maximum value from existing content with testing, newsjacking, resizing, refreshing, upgrading, link-building and guest blogging. Fine-tune content to make it more scannable, readable, emotional and effective.
  • Build your content base. How can you elevate your content above competitors? Most marketers create many content assets yet lack a solid content marketing base. Learn how to create major content assets that buyers can’t resist. Build a solid content marketing base to make your brand tower above others in the competitive content landscape.
  • Differentiate with a content hook. How can you make content so differentiated that competitors can’t copy it? In most markets, the content landscape is overcrowded with content from many companies, yet no one’s content really stands out. Define the content landscape, identify open spaces that are opportunities for differentiation, and create a unique hook for your brand’s content.

Target Audience

Marketing leaders, marketers and content creators who have taken Content Marketing 101 and 201, and who know the basics of content marketing and are ready to advance to the next level.