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Jul 13 - Jul 13, 2023

Aligning Marketing to Sales


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Aligning Marketing to Sales

Sales and Marketing tend to view things differently. When the disconnects between Sales and Marketing are addressed, Marketing and Sales alignment offers the single greatest opportunity for improving business performance.

In this virtual workshop, participants will learn that successful coordination and alignment between Marketing and Sales requires coordination on objectives, strategies, activities, and goals. Through discussion, useable tools and exercises, this workshop will help you apply critical thinking to identify and remove alignment issues in your organization and to discover practical and actionable solutions.

This workshop will outline causes of misalignment and help you learn frameworks to better define terms that improve communication, align objectives, and create actionable processes and plans that will improve business performance now and in the future.

Target Audience

  • Sales and marketing leadership
  • Sales and marketing management, including sales managers, sales leaders, sales enablement, product managers, marketing managers, marketing communications, field marketing, lead gen and anyone involved in sales or support for sales