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Jun 29 - Jun 29, 2023

Digital Analytics Strategy for Marketers


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Digital , Analytics / Data , Audience Measurement
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Digital Analytics Strategy for Marketers

One of the main sticking points in analytics isn't that people are incompetent, but rather that they are solving for the wrong things.

By developing an analyst's curiosity and translating that into powerful business objectives, it gives marketers a new lens through which to assess the business, uncover insights (those hidden gems in the non-obvious customer segments), and ultimately drive growth. Simply put, analytics isn’t just about numbers or data; It’s about uncovering the nuances that inspire insights and enable better decision making to ultimately drive growth.

As professional marketers, your task is to uncover trends and tell stories with data that drive business impact. This workshop will show you how to find the story in the data and effectively communicate that story through persuasion and influence.

Don’t just dump data into a report! Your value as an analyst comes from your ability to connect the dots and resonate with both internal and external stakeholders. Can you connect so deeply, you spark action? Because without action, we don’t see results.

By the end of this eye-opening, inspiring training, you will have to tools to successfully dismantle the complexity of digital analytics into practical, understandable concepts your C-suite will love you for!

This workshop is the first in a four-part series, the ANA’s “Digital Analytics Mastery Program”, which teaches core characteristics and best practices of effective digital analytics for marketing.

Target Audience
This workshop is useful for sales or marketing professionals across diverse experience levels that want to become more effective in data analytics and driving effective decision-making through business storytelling.

It is particularly useful for those with intro-to-moderate level data analytics skills, and/or teams that are struggling to effectively communicate value with their data reporting.