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Jun 27 - Jun 27, 2023

The DEI Advantage: Leading Diverse Teams that Drive Growth


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The DEI Advantage: Leading Diverse Teams that Drive Growth

Teams that fail to address issues of inclusion often suffer from low motivation and costly turnover, and risk losing the creative edge that sets them apart in the marketplace.

This workshop is designed to help people managers assess opportunities for greater inclusion within their own teams. Participants will learn specific tools to foster an environment of equality and inclusion with their teams that can lead to greater creativity and growth.

Led by former CMO and the architect of the “BELONG” Framework – a proprietary 7-step framework for activating diversity and inclusion at the corporate level – this workshop is designed to:

  • Be highly interactive/Stimulate proactive dialogue.
  • Help attendees be more “comfortable with the uncomfortable”.
  • Create alignment and action: participants will leave with a clear set of commitments and accountabilities for activating D&I within their team/organization.
  • Learn.
  • Have fun.
  • Note: this workshop is NOT about blaming & shaming or forcing anyone beyond their personal comfort level. It is about learning new tools to help diverse teams flourish.

Experience proves the best way to change mindsets, behaviors, and organizational trends is to engage fully in the discussion and exercises.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion can be a highly sensitive and complicated topic that people managers are sometimes nervous to tackle head-on. Many feel they lack the tools and resources to build a greater sense of inclusion within their own teams, while others feel ill-equipped at an organizational level to drive change. This workshop will help you tackle some of these feelings and show you the first steps you can take toward being a change driver with your team and at your organization.

Target Audience
For individuals: This workshop is suitable for people managers at any level, in particular those tasked with specific DEI goals. However, anyone with leadership role will benefit from this workshop.

For companies: Suitable for any team or organization looking to enhance their existing diversity & inclusion programs, or those wanting to promote diversity & inclusion but aren’t sure where to start. It is particularly useful for groups that have recently been tasked with meeting specific D&I KPIs.