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Jun 07 - Jun 07, 2023

ANA Customer Valuation CMO Roundtable Meeting


Naples, FL
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Workflow , CX - Customer Experience
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ANA Customer Valuation CMO Roundtable Meeting

This event is exclusive to the most senior marketers in your organization. To request a virtual seat at this session email David C. Morgan at 

As marketers, we all talk about customer obsession or customer-centricity. Many CMOs have achieved success in building their businesses and bottom lines through a relentless focus on an analysis of customer behavior. In many ways, CMOs hold the keys that can drive their companies toward new opportunities for growth and business transformation. But even if they are armed with critical data and insights, CMOs continue to struggle to be heard in the C-suite. So, what’s muffling their voices?

In this roundtable discussion, we will uncover what it means to be customer-obsessed, explore common marketer pain points, and potential ways to translate marketer initiatives into a language that can be spoken to the C-suite.

Learn from your peers and get critical insights from Rob Markey, partner at Bain & Company, who will moderate the discussion.