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Apr 11 - Apr 11, 2023

Agile Marketing 101


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Agency , Workflow , Technology , CX - Customer Experience , Media Marketing
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Agile Marketing 101

This is the first workshop in the ANA’s Agile Marketing Mastery Program, a four-part series designed to give you exposure to all facets of Agile Marketing and to equip you for implementation at your organization. If you want to achieve mastery and attend the four-part series (AG Mastery Program 101, 201, 301, and 401), you will receive a Certificate of Completion to display your expertise and accomplishment. Qualified participants must be present for the entire time for each workshop, attend all four workshops in sequential order (there are no substitutions of past or future workshops), and complete the survey program for each workshop.

Marketers today are facing numerous challenges–increased competition, evolution, and adaption of new technologies, the customer always wanting more, and constantly shrinking available resources. Simply put, marketers need to do more with less. The process of planning and executing marketing campaigns have changed little in decades and marketers have realized this needs to change.

Great marketing results from of a successful collaboration of numerous personnel spanning different groups and agencies throughout an organization. Enabling successful collaboration within an organization is at the forefront of our Agile Marketing for Marketers workshop. This workshop will walk you through step-by-step on how Agile marketing can help you and your team get more done, quickly adapt to change, and do all this, better, smarter, and faster!

Our virtual workshop will explain the principles, processes, and tools that make up Agile marketing and how to tailor them to work within your organization. Agile marketing places a premium on team communication, customer collaboration, and the willingness to make iterative changes throughout the process. We discuss these values in-detail and show you how you can begin integrating Agile marketing into your team and organization immediately upon completion of our workshop.

This engaging virtual workshop contains individual exercises, case studies, and real-world examples. This virtual workshop will also have you begin developing your own Agile plan for your team and organization which you can begin executing on immediately following this training. As you take part in this virtual workshop, you will ask yourself, “Where has this been all my life?” The Agile Marketing for Marketers virtual workshop will re-inspire you to push your team further and deliver your best work.

Target Audience
This virtual workshop is open for marketers at any level within an organization that develops and/or executes marketing campaigns. It is particularly useful for teams looking to implement an agile process.