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Mar 28 - Mar 28, 2023

Developing an Effective Multicultural Marketing Strategy


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Content Marketing , Multicultural , Media Marketing
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Developing an Effective Multicultural Marketing Strategy

It is increasingly difficult to define and communicate clear, compelling marketing messages that both stand out while also rising above the clutter in today’s progressively challenging communications environment. When marketing to multicultural communities, the challenges increase exponentially and require culturally competent and authentic messaging to effectively resonate.

Simply put, marketing to multicultural communities involves building rapport, employing an array of insights, perspectives, and cross-cultural conversations to inform marketing strategies, creating audience-based communications and using nontraditional distribution channels to achieve greater effectiveness and results.

With the rapidly evolving demographic changes and their global economic impacts, marketers must understand and embrace multicultural communities, enhance their knowledge of the fallacies, filters, and message frames that can impede multicultural marketing campaign effectiveness, and understand how to address them in order to authentically engage their audiences and build rapport while optimizing media spend and driving sales.

In this virtual workshop, participants will explore multicultural marketing obstacles, best practices, and successful campaigns to help shape their own multicultural strategy. Participants also will develop an actionable plan to transform future campaign strategy and enhance results.

Target Audience
This virtual workshop is for marketers at any level responsible for the development, management, or execution of marketing strategies and campaigns.