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Feb 23 - Feb 23, 2023

Advertising Production: What Marketers Need to Know


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Agency , Social Media , Media Marketing
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Advertising Production: What Marketers Need to Know

Managing the need for more content and stretching the production budgets further are challenging the marketing ecosystem and the traditional advertising production process. Now more than ever, it is vital marketers look at things differently and make choices to help them navigate what success looks like.

This virtual workshop will include:

  • Current trends and the creative production landscape
  • Planning for all media including budgeting, cost drivers and benchmarks
  • Evolving operating models, including working directly with production companies
  • Understanding agency fees related to the creation of content
  • Defining the fundamentals of designing and producing for social platforms including TikTok

Target Audience
This workshop is best suited for those accountable for content production, including brand marketers, advertising managers, in-house content teams, creative operations, and procurement or sourcing professionals in the agency and production management space.