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Jun 20 - Jun 22, 2023

Sensors Converge


Clara, CA
Digital , Privacy , Technology , AI/ML
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Sensors Converge
Sensors Converge

Covering the entire design cycle from components to system solutions

Discover the future at the only event where the building blocks of IoT converge - sensors, processing, and connectivity. Join the sensors and electronics community this June 20-22 at the ONLY event covering the biggest design engineering trends. From enabling innovation, to process design & control development, to transforming markets, Sensors Converge covers technologies and applications that can help
you design smarter systems/IoT devices in a sustainable economy. 

Keynote: Optimizing Performance: AI in Mission-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems

Dr. Elena Fersman, VP, Head of Global AI Accelerator, Ericsson and Adjunct Professor of Cyber-Physical Systems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

In the cyber-physical continuum, efficient interplay of sensors, actuators, network and computing is becoming increasingly critical.  As complexity of such systems grows, humans need to be able to rely on autonomous intelligent features more and more, and not only expect maximum performance given limited resources, but also adherence to trustworthy principles such as safety, explainability, security and privacy. In this talk, we will discuss how artificial intelligence can be used to optimize performance of cyber-physical systems while guaranteeing their mission-critical properties.